Mission Statement

iMax Diagnostic Centre is established as the seamless link between doctors, hospitals, in-house consultants and the visiting patients as a trustworthy Quality Service Provider, attending to all their Medical Diagnostic needs. iMax presently enjoys a noticeable existence in the Health Care Industry. iMax offers a winning combination of contemporary equipment, international technology and effective personal care. iMax provides the patients and their families with high-standard medical care and the most qualitative and quantitative data regarding the etiology and pathogenesis of a disease.

This valuable data assists clinicians with diagnosis, patient stratification, drug prescription, and prognosis. iMax Diagnostic Centre. is committed to “continually raise the Standards of excellence in Medical Diagnostics, by using the latest technology, through trained and qualified professionals to achieve and maintain the highest level of patient care based on proven scientific principles, administered with empathy and insight”. iMax enables patients to access the high quality medical diagnostic services using the most advanced equipment. iMax has set-up sprawling, centrally air conditioned centers at Hyderabad at Kukatpally (KPHB) to bring about a revolution in the field.


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